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Training is yet another very important aspect of our activities. Incorporation of this aspect into our activities, is the result of our survey about the training requirement in Bangladesh. We feel that attainment of the highest degree in any discipline alone does not give the necessary skill for a particular job. We also feel that even the top level executives are not conversant with the latest management techniques. There we come and bring in our expertise to help management by conducting management training for various levels of executives.
Each year we offer more than eighty courses which are designed to include short seminars for top and senior level executives; three to six days courses for middle level executives and longer courses for junior level executives.
Training programs for the middle and junior level executive are designed so as not to disrupt the normal operation and working of the organization while they are on training. Rapport Training Division has been organized with a view to offering advanced training facilities to innumerable organizations who do not always have the expertise nor can afford to organize such training.
Our training division comprises university teachers and prating managers. We also emphasize practical learning in the form of demonstration, case studies, solution of set problems etc. We have separate Seminar Hall with all training facilities for the purpose of running the courses. Each course in designed to accommodate 25-35 participants. Seminars are usually attended by little bigger groups than the courses
The course offered are in the fields of General Management, Personnel Management, Operations Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Accounting, Management by Result, Communication, Corporate Planning, Transport, Stores and Purchase, Information Technology and Security Management, etc.
We also organize special training program on specific areas for individual client. On request, we draw up the course outline and suggest the trainers and on approval, we take the responsibility of organizing and conducting these courses. The courses organized and run by Rapport create an impact on the participants outlook and approach to a particular problem. At the end of the course they return to their work confident and ready to perform their job more efficiently.
Till 2000, our courses were participated by over one hundred thousand executives of all levels from 500 companies/organizations.