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Publications are as essential a service as consultancy and training. We consider publication as a supplement to our consultancy services and training operations. We also bring out a high standard monthly management journal "Baybasthapana" (Management) which is read by business executives, intellectuals and persons connected with business, commerce and education as well as students in the business schools.
Our consultancy report are published in a manner and look which confirm to international standard and taste. These publications are, however, restricted in circulation and are only available to concerned clients.
We have published first ever Bangla translation of the management classic of management guru of India Mr Sharu S Rangnekar 'In the Wonderland of Indian Managers'. We have published second edition of Bangla version called 'Managerder Sawapnarajee'.
The second Bangla translation of Mr Rangnekar's book 'In the World of Corporate Managers' will soon be available in the market titled 'Corporate Managerder Bhubane'.
We undertake assignments of designing, printing and publication of company brochure, annual reports books, etc.
We regularly compile and collate training materials for the trainee participants in our various programs.
We undertake the regular basis translation work of book, periodicals, government notification, gazette and other documents from English to Bangla and Bangla to English Language volume of VAT manuals, Environment Policy, industrial policy, etc have been translated by us for National Board of Revenue and our other clients.