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The team of research associates are manned by bright young people of outstanding caliber with excellent university degrees in different disciplines including pure science and engineering. While working here they are thoroughly trained to master the techniques of data collection, interviewing, data processing and analysis so as to be fully equipped to provide effective and adequate back-up services to the project team.
The firm's management coordinate the overall operations and progress of the project. The total and unfeigned commitment to these distinctive operating principles have made Rapport known to those who are for progress and prosperity through quality productivity and innovation.
We include in our project experienced professionals capable of identifying and working in the light of national policies and practices. Clients are served by professionals thoroughly familiar with the local business practices, industry requirements, technology, economic conditions, regulations and social norms. We directly involve the client and client's staff in all phases of the project so that they may acquire understanding of the commitment in the consultants' recommendations. Our involvement does not cease like many foreign consultants with the submission of our recommendations and with their acceptance by the client.
The benefits of a project depend on successful implementation of the recommendations. To achieve this our consultants are regularly involved in assisting and training the clients' personnel throughout the implementation period.
In cases where we do not employee all the skills needed for a multidiscipline project, we utilize the expertise of other national and international professional consulting organizations with whom we have strong links. We participate in major projects with professional firms of engineers, architects, auditors and accountants, lawyers, urban planners quality management system experts and others.
We bring to each project high professional competence, objectivity and integrity. Our consultants are continually striving to keep abreast of the latest developments in their fields and in the techniques of management. Moreover, since they are constantly exposed to a variety of problems, their experience and expertise are continuously enriched and expanded.