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We are equipped with a consulting group that includes economists, engineers, financial analysts, social scientists, IT specialists and researchers highly qualified in business administration, personnel management, social sector research and computer sciences. We offer services covering all aspects of the management spectrum. Many of our specialists have had long standing experience in industry, trade and commerce, research education or public administration. These highly experienced and trained specialists provide consulting advice and assistance in the following main management functions over and above business appraisals, management audit, organization design and development, major reorganization, social studies and research and planning, etc.
Out of a long catalogue of services that we offer is economic feasibility study one we have undertaken for many of our client organizations whether it be an extension of public utility, introduction of new manufacturing resources, or creation of new facilities. We also carry our techno-economic feasibility study jointly with our local and foreign associates.
Our consultants are people with sound knowledge of the market; its potential, problems, behaviour pattern and its trend and are therefore always capable of giving practical advice on any marketing problems which may come in the form of market study, market survey, product distribution, pricing and even the exploitation of market opportunities.
In our project portfolio, financial control, consulting and studies of administrative procedures also feature strongly. Our experts in this field design accounting, costing, budgeting, management and financial information systems. Our experts also use their skills extensively to forecast profitability, cash flow and return on investment and on raising and structuring of capital.
Our consultants also undertake major project appraisals. As we have special relationships with consulting engineering firms and other specialist organizations, local and international, we are always able to render such services. We also perform project planning, network analysis, project control system and cost benefit analysis, sensitivity analysis of both public and private sector projects
Our personnel consultants are highly experienced at designing organization structures that facilitate coordination and control within government, industry and commerce thereby enabling staff to contribute positively within their particular employment environment. Besides, we also specify and evaluate jobs, advise on staff management, recruit personnel, prepare training programs and help design pay and compensation plan. We have carried out assignments on all these areas for national and international clients.
In this specific area, our consultants have gained considerable expertise and experience. We carried out innumerable studies covering socio-economic features of particular community, groups, products and services. We are exposed to both urban and rural areas of the country.
Growing population being a major problem confronting the nation. We, over the past years had to take up a number of studies on the subject in order to assist our clients in the family planning and birth control sector, building up new strategies in accordance with the modern management principles and techniques so as to make a distribution system through formulation of cohesive and effective plans, assess the consumers reaction, harness the sales force into an effective tool for distribution by imparting training on latest techniques of salesmanship. Evidently, we have stepped into this field of great national importance through enlistment of introductional support of very seasoned and successful sales and marketing executives and teachers of marketing who are both national and internationally reputed. Our research studies include KAP study, operations research, channel study, price and preference studies, etc
Mr Sidney Boyden,Founder of Boyden World Corporation Inc of New York said, "most resources are available to all companies. The great variable is the quality of management that determines why some companies fail and other succeed". Therefor, there exists a great demand for searching quality management professionals. This is a task that calls for extreme sensitivity, caution, professionalism and confidentiality. We have been rendering executive selection services for many years. We have selected many chief executives for multinational companies as well as private sector groups. A large number of General Managers and hundreds of mid-level executives have been selected by us for our clients. Our nominees have also received global assignments. We maintain data bank of over 10,000 executives.